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T.V. – PR?

If you want it to float – Call us!


***Z1A Lamborghini***
Has been discovered after 15 years!!!




 The Virgin Business SME Cab on the Thamestx12



All aboard the Note boat! Journalists set sail in a floating car

 (See the Nissan Note Boat page)

THE UK’s motoring press descended on Eton to witness the new Nissan Note being
launched in unusual fashion.

The floating Nissan was created by Mike Ryan (SeaRoader), who was also responsible for the Top Gear aquacars used to cross the channel, working with Epic Experiences. It proved a huge success with journalists from titles including AutoTrader, Parkers, Autocar and AutoExpress.

Manufacturing Opportunity
The complete World-wide rights
are available for the SeaRoader and Amphitruck

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