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The TopGear Cars


The Nissank was quite a straightforward build as we had all of the data from the Toybota that we built the year before, although for some reason we had to add ten concrete blocks in the rear to correct the buoyancy. Needless to say, I was concerned about stability etc when I realised that all three presenters were going to be on board for the Channel crossing. I was watching the Nissank like a hawk from the support boat as it motored into the harbour before the off  trying to make a decision as to removing some blocks or leaving it. I decided to leave it as was as everything appeared ok and in the end it was the right call and a successful crossing to France followed.


The little Herald was my favorite but was the one car out of the trio that I worried the most about in regards to making it float well. However, it was the easiest to get right and the buoyancy I calculated was right straight away on the first test. Most happy that it went on to win the challenge






 The Toybota. This was a fun build but very much a worry with that huge, heavy and powerful Honda outboard fitted on the rear. This really was a journey into the unknown as nothing like this had ever been done before!

 It did work very well in the end although as can be seen on the programme enthusiast throttle control had to be done with care!




As with all of our one off’s, the brief to build these specialist vehicles is always somewhat sketchy to say the least and the end filming is not always the initial intention or application. You can read what ever you wish into that statement!


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