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Nissan Note Boat

s1Well – It was certainly unusual to work on a brand new car for a change!

The client wanted us to make the car float on top of the water. Although this in theory was very straight forward it had numerous stability issues. We decided to use the fabulous ‘Aqua Dock’ product which is a bolt together pontoon and jetty assembly device. This would enable us to adjust the buoyancy quickly and easily. However, many hours were spend over the calculations to get the desired results!

s2The next issue was launching the vehicle as there would be no ground clearance once the flotation devices were in place. It was decided to build a cradle on castor wheels that would support the car well above the ground and hold the floats. The suspension had to be modified to be able to adjust the wheel droop once it was suspended.

s3These were the main floats in place and the total buoyancy from these would have been sufficient to support the car and have some positive buyancy in reserve
but no roll stability
 – The perimeter floats added as seen below cured that issue.

s5First test and BINGO! Calculations spot on first time!


All ready to have the rowing mount and oar supports fitted to that the Olympic
Girls could row it!

s7How about this for a custom made dock!

Launch of new Nissan NoteTeam GB rowers Polly Swann and Olympic Gold medalists
Helen Glover and Sophie Hosking.


THE UK’s motoring press descended on Eton to witness the new Nissan Note being launched in unusual fashion.

Not only were guests able to test drive the practical Supermini, but they were invited to take a ride in a floating version of the same car.

Dubbed ‘the Note Boat’, it had been equipped with a rowing seat and oars and powered by Team GB rowers Polly Swann and Olympic Gold medalists Helen Glover
and Sophie Hosking.

The idea behind the event was to demonstrate the new Around View Monitor, a system of reversing cameras to help parking, but in this case, it acted as a virtual cox which gave the rowers a rear view while facing forwards.

The full size Note boat – minus engine – had been mounted to a floating platform and fitted with a small outboard connected to the steering wheel and throttle to help the rowers.

The floating Nissan was created by Mike Ryan, who was also responsible for the Top Gear Aquacars used to cross the channel, working with Epic Experiences. It proved a huge success with journalists from titles including AutoTrader, Parkers, Autocar and AutoExpress.

The two-day event, which also gave journalists the opportunity to drive the face-lifted Micra, took place at Dorney Lake, also known as Eton College Rowing Centre, which was venue for all the rowing events during the 2012 Olympic games.

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