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A whole new dimension to Off-Roading!

The SeaRoader 4×4 Mk2

. . . . . . .

This is the SeaRoader Amphitruck being tested by the Royal Marines in Cornwall – How many amphibious vehicles can cope with sea conditions like this?

Fantastic load carrying capabilities!

. . . . . . .

This is the World’s first Amphibious Ice cream based on the SeaRoader 4×4 Mk2. This ice cream van was commissioned by Fredricks dairies celebrating the ’99 flake and national ice cream week 2011. Publicity was huge and World-wide!

Sailing past the Millennium wheel on the River Thames, London.

. . . . . . .

The Mk2 Searoader going through thorough testing.
Don’t forget to shut the window…….

…….and turn the wipers on!

Rear Platform allows easy access.

Excellent maneuverability.

Superb traction…….

…….enables fast exit.
Launching at speed!
The Mk1 SeaRoader

Main engine off and fire up the Beta – Quicker than stopping and pulling a P.T.O engagement lever!

Start the main engine still under Beta power…….

…….and once driving – Switch off the Beta. Its just so easy!

Mike Ryan (pictured left) filming for Sky One TV
with best selling author and former
S.A.S Commander Chris Ryan

Hey Chris! Come back! Its my car!!!

Planning the days shoot.

Filmed at Poole…….

…….a great venue for amphibious cars!

Taking SeaRoader out to sea…….

SeaRoader with T.O.T.P presenter Fearn Cotton and that other well known character ‘Dicks’

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