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On this page there are a lot of pictures showing you how SeaRoader has been developed for production.

Front view of the huge 100x50mm Chassis.

Rear chassis view.

The original development SeaRoader along side the 1st of the production cars.

The production SeaRoader is 100mm wider & 400mm longer than the original.

The Beta engine mounting cradle.

Preparing the front body section for moulds.

Almost finished front ‘Buck’.

Mocking up the final body shape with young admirer!

First of the finished mouldings fitted.

Rear moulding in place.

Both front and rear mouldings are bonded to the chassis for strength.

A Beta engine & gearbox ready for installation.

First production car just out of the paint shop.

One of the many floatation tests.
Ready to go!
Please note; we have a variety of lighting kits available to suit any requirements or legalities.