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Business Opportunities

SeaRoader World-Wide Rights

Due to the increased specialist commission work we are offering this unique opportunity to acquire the Worldwide Manufacturing, design and Distribution Rights to the amazing SeaRoader range of Amphibious vehicles – A product with high market place growth potential due it’s unique design and varying application ability and an ever increasing and demanding role due to global warming and flooding. SeaRoader’s market place is also relevant to military applications and also not forgetting the increase in adventure leisure activities in which SeaRoader scores highly.

We welcome serious inquiries from interested principals wishing to learn more. I would prefer full contact details and a good overview of your interest by email to establish if a meeting is jointly and mutually beneficial by e-mail to: SeaRoader@aol.com or on our contact form in the tool bar.

Serious offers are invited to purchase the Rights which will include: The two moulds for the SeaRoader 4×4  – The rights to the profitable ‘SeaRoader Construction Build Data & Plans’ – World-wide manufacturing rights, distribution & design rights and training and back-up where required. We would also be very interested in a consultancy involvement possibly on a royalty payment basis.

We always welcome inquiries to expand the SeaRoader product and will consider all proposals including Manufacturing licenses from interested parties.